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About Nina





Heart Disease

High Cholesterol

Metabolic Syndrome

Gluten Intolerance

Weight Management​

Sports Nutrition

Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition

​Pregnancy & Lactation

Childhood Obesity

Healthy cooking

Meal planning

My Story

I’ve worked as a Dietitian/Diabetes Educator in clinics in San Jose, California and surrounding areas for the last seven years, and as a Dietitian in Skilled Nursing for 4 years before that.  I am ethnically Lebanese-American, with friends and in-laws from everywhere around the world, including Asia and Southeast Asia. I can also speak fluent Spanish for nutrition consultations.

I’m a regular runner and weekend cyclist, but I love to dabble with other sports as well. I haven’t always been this way, and before becoming a Dietitian as a young adult I struggled with my weight and I fought the idea of doing anything active. As a dietitian and diabetes educator counseling patients, I knew that I was not alone in those struggles, and I could relate to my patients’ difficulties. Finding the motivation to reach and sustain your goals is tough, and it’s different for everyone.

Just as difficult is finding a diet and routine that works for you. There is a lot of conflicting and oftentimes anecdotal information that can be tricky to navigate on the internet and through the people you meet. Oftentimes, information and suggestions about diets online are erroneous or without any solid research to support those guidelines. Should I go low carb? Keto? Paleo? Vegan? Atkins? Grapefruit diet?  Not everyone has the same metabolism, schedule, health diagnoses, allergies, food preferences, or goals. Not every diet is safe. No diet will be exactly the same from one person to another. That’s why I created Bespoke Nutrition.

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