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Lentil Salad

For a refreshing and balanced #summermeal, try making a #fitandfresh cold salad, like this lentil salad! You can change the taste by changing the cilantro to parsley, basil or mint, or by changing the vegetables or cheese. I'm busy. I don't have time to make a new meal every day. So to make life easier, I'll often make this on the weekend, and have it for a refreshing #bespokenutrition dinner and also a lunch or two throughout the week to make life easier. It is best eaten c


Vegetables get boring. Vary them a little by trying this classic. For a refreshing and balanced #bespokenutrition #summermeal, add a lean protein and some whole grain carbs [try: cannellini beans with sage]. This is a delicious #vegetarian dish from the Provence region of France. There are many different versions of the recipe, an a couple differing preparation methods. In general, ratatouille is a mixture of Mediterranean vegetables sliced and layered and baked with tomato s

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