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Group Events

Maintaining an active lifestyle is a journey and can be difficult when we don't have a support system that shares the same health goals.


I wanted to provide my clients with a comfortable network of people focused on socializing healthfully.

And events where we may be ourselves, exercise, be healthy and not feel self-conscious or guilty about faltering on our diet or skipping exercise to socialize. Because life happens.

This is not meant as a replacement to nutrition visits nor is it a support group for people with a specific health goal. It is meant only as a way to meet new people in a fun, social environment and fit in a light workout, remain healthy .

All of the following events will be free unless otherwise noted. Most events will be in or near San Jose and surrounding areas. Please Contact Me to sign up, and I’ll add you to our list!

These are scheduled the first and third Saturday morning of Every Month, 9am-2pm.


Bring your own water and proper walking shoes. Snack provided. Typical locations may include, but are not limited to Rancho San Antonio, Quicksilver Park, Bernal Hill, Castle Rock, Mission Peak.


The difficulty of these hikes varies, but we will all help each other along. Do you know of a really great hike? Suggest it!

Group Hiking

The second Saturday of every month unless it is raining, 8am-12pm.


Bring your own water, bicycle, helmet, and change of clothes if necessary. Snack provided. If you’re not really into cycling but you still love the feeling of going fast, join us. This is about having fun and getting a little stronger each time.  


Rides will be anywhere from 10 miles and breezy to more difficult 20 mile rides (Trust me, I have trouble on these ones, too).


Just remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it probably won’t change you.

Group Road Cycling

Held the 4th Saturday of every month at 9am*. Workouts are a guided 45-60 minutes depending on your tolerance. Rain or shine, unless it's dumping rain. I will provide a snack and refills on water.

These classes alternate between meeting at the Stairs at Communications Hill, the Campbell Community Center track or Almaden Lake Park.

Don’t panic. I won’t push you until you vomit. This isn’t the Biggest Loser, and I’m not trying to get ratings. However, you can still push yourself.

Don’t let your mind limit what your body can achieve.


*$5 per person. Ages 16 and over. Maximum 10 participants pr class!

Boot Camp Class
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