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Protein Pasta

Making a quick weeknight meal from scratch is tough for most of us. If you're trying to stay fit or reach a fitness goal it's often helpful, however, to take extra time to think about and plan what you're cooking, how it should be balanced, and to assess whether you're getting enough macro and micronutrients in proportion to your lifestyle...

Since we don't have time for that, instead, wouldn't it be nice to have some dry stuff in the pantry that's already balanced and only takes a few minutes to cook?

Quinoa pasta with fried mushrooms and sage, topped with shaved pecorino

What's the best go-to? Legumes. In whatever form, beans and lentils are quick to prepare, and if you have a pressure cooker they're also very easy to cook. They're pretty well balanced with around 30-45 grams of carbohydrate (around 8-10 of these are fiber) and 14 grams of protein per cooked cup, and they're naturally low-fat. They're some of the best balanced carbohydrates out there, higher in protein than quinoa or faro, and lower fat than edamame. The problem: I really dislike beans. So what's a picky dietitian to do?

Enter the realm of #glutenfree pastas... Made from quinoa, lentils or beans, they pack a much higher protein punch, contain much more fiber to keep you full, and naturally have more iron and other minerals compared to regular wheat pasta. This literally takes 15 minutes or less to cook. It's not rubbery or disgusting, and it keeps well for a couple days refrigerated. Perfect. Now, I can make it for dinner and have extra for lunch.

I am in LOVE with pasta. And now I can love legumes, too. I always have a couple bags of this in the pantry for a quick meal. Its a great #highproteindinner to top off a workout day, and a great #vegandinner if you are looking to reduce your waistline in a healthy way, #lowercholesterol, or prevent blood sugar spikes with a more #controlledcarbohydrate.

So do this. Make some delicious pasta sauce while your pasta boils. Add a side salad and you got a balanced meal. Want to save the idea? find me on social media #bespokenutritionconsulting. you'll be happy you did!

Happy carbohydrate feasting!


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